Jardin de France
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Jardin de France

It is a dreamy place that has a historic touch is enriched with modern brushes and built on an area of 57000 m2 in Tarabya. “Jardin de France” deserves to be a privileged venue for your wedding and private occasion by offering the amazing beauty of combination of the green and Bosphorus view. At the entrance of "Jardin de France", the historic Champs-Elysées arch which is similar to the "Arc de Tripmphe" tag, has also a place in the logo of the venue. You can feel yourself in the “small Paris in Istanbul”, while entering the venue from inside of the arch. Jardin de France says "Hello" to its guests in a charming atmosphere with the lily pool welcomes you, gorgeous texture of the forest and along with the historic fortifications behind the stage.
The venue consists of 2 main places. The cocktail area, bar, seating groups and the indoor dance floor which you can use after 24:00, are located on the left side of the entrance and the wedding platform with a seating area serving 700 people, and the stage is on the right. Options for entering the venue is depends on the decision of the bride and groom, they could prefer to walk through the forest and walk on the stone path or use a golf cart which is driven by the driver in private costume.

"Jardin De France" is not just for weddings but it also has an essential and impressive atmosphere for for all kinds of corporate events, launches, company picnics and organizations too. It provides convenience for transportation by being located in the city and away from busy traffic line.

Elchyn Catering's over 20-year experience with Jardin de France is aimed at ensuring that every organization he considers is important to his guests and always fulfilling his mission perfectly.

Elchyn Catering was founded in 1986 and has become the most established company in the industry with its rising success chart. It has become an indispensable name for wedding organizations and special invitations with its sophisticated, elegant and trustworthy identity besides famous companies both in Turkey and worldwide. Elchyn Catering's world-class ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 certifications demonstrate that the firm implements food and quality management in a complete and flawless manner.There are dynamic, young and creative people in Elchyn Catering who have been in the company for years.

With years of success and experience, Elchyn Catering puts its signature under "Jardin de France" and offers you a magnificent venue to perform weddings reminiscent of fairy tale and all your memorable invitations.

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